Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What I'm Working on Wednesday

Yes, I do have a thing for blue and white quilts. This month the activity committee of our guild distributed 6 1/2 inch squares to those who were willing to work on putting them together with some of their own material. Nine of these will make a baby quilt with some sashing and binding. I don't remember how many they said they would need for a twin size, but judging from the pile of squares that people carried home from the last meeting, we should have enough units for several.

These are for charity quilts for a local home for unwed mothers. Yes, I know. In this day and age there is still such a thing. We've been making quilts for them for the past year or so.

We have a regular group who gets together one Saturday a month and assembles the squares into quilts. And we have a longarmer in our guild who quilts them for us.

In the handsewing department, I have finally finished all of the flying geese units and I'm now sewing them into units to complete the setting squares for the Prairie Paisley quilt. I would really like to be able to show some measurable progress on this before spring break is over.


McIrish Annie said...

what a nice idea to make quilts for girls who are clearly going through a difficult time.

Ali Honey said...

That's a great thing to do for someone who might need something kind and cheerful to lift their day.
Hope you are feeling better.

Lynda said...

Quilts are made with love, and finding that somebody else is thinking about you (even if they don't know who you are) is the best gift of all. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I love the look of the blue and white blocks you're making.