Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What I'm Working on Wednesday

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...I've got so many projects going that I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed.

I worked on the Blooming Ninepatch this afternoon and got the last set of strata put together. I set up my Featherweight in the dining room (pleasantly cool with the air conditioner going practically non-stop while my upstairs sewing room is roasting) and sewed while I washed and dried a few more fat quarters for the Quiltalong ninepatch. I put off doing the subcuts until tomorrow when, I hope, it will be a little cooler. This is for the LAST round, so once I get these cut, I can begin sewing the top together.

I found a few more fat quarters for the ninepatch and I guess I'll get these cut tomorrow, too. Today is day 59, and I'm just a little bit behind. As I think I've mentioned, these colors are not my usual choice, but I'm beginning to love them. This is going to be a really bright, cheery, scrappy quilt.

Tonight I am determined to finish appliqueing the last triangle on the blue and white pinwheel quilt so I can call it finished. I need to move something from the WIP column to the finished column.

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