Sunday, June 28, 2009

Flimsy Done!

At long last, this top is done!

I found the block pattern in a book titled A Quilter's Companion, by Dolores A. Hinson years and years ago. Let's just say pre-rotary cutter days. Ms. Hinson said she was never able to find out if the block had a name. Some years later, after I had made most of the blocks, I found this pattern on the cover of The Quiltmaker's Gift, by Jeff Brumbeau, and Gail de Marcken (it forms the green and white band across the bottom of the cover). In Quiltmaker's Gift it is called Peace and Plenty.

The blocks are hand sewn, but I machine pieced the setting blocks and the borders. The eight triangles that hang over into the border are appliqued on because, as I mentioned in a previous post, I couldn't figure out the math to set them into the borders. The setting is my own design, done in desperation because I was worried that I would never piece enough blocks to make a bed sized quilt. Somehow it's grown large enough to fit a full-sized bed.

It's going to my longarmer Kim next week.


Nancy said...

I LOVE everything about this quilt top: the colors and the pattern. It is stunning!

Please post another photo of the quilt when it has been quilted.

Christine said...

The setting is beautiful. I agree with Nancy, I love everything about it!

paula, the quilter said...

Wow! that is a big quilt. What are the dimensions on this lovely?

nicolette said...

What’s a flimsy? I know I like it! The colours and the pattern are lovely!