Monday, January 15, 2007


I'm not a big fan of these, but who can resist something so flattering? I mean, does anyone get nailed as superficial, selfish, and self indulgent?

You Are An INFJ

The Protector

You live your life with integrity, originality, vision, and creativity.
Independent and stubborn, you rarely stray from your vision - no matter what it is.
You are an excellent listener, with almost infinite patience.
You have complex, deep feelings, and you take great care to express them.

You would make a great photographer, alternative medicine guru, or teacher.
What's Your Personality Type?

I'm off today for the Martin Luther King holiday, so I'm sitting here with my second cup of coffee and trying to decide what I'm going to do with the posy quilt. I've arranged and rearranged the posies, and the thing is, I like it better when they are bunched together rather than scattered out. I think I have enough of the muslin to make the quilt bigger. What I should do is go up and actually figure it out...after all I have rulers, mathematical skills, and um, patience.


McIrish Annie said...

I like it bunched together too! I am also a student of the "wing it" school. I'd just keep going til I thought I had enuf and then figure it out. But I hate "the math" of quilting!! LOL

anne bebbington said...

Hi Diana - good to meet you on the comments on my blog - an Ostrich is a round robin that doesn't fly - you get to do all the rounds yourself

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

So [pleased you de-lurked, I love your blog. I am as big fan of hexagon's myself and just organized the templates. I like yours bunched together as well. I'm about to go and have a look at the graph paper link. Thanks 4 that. Tracey

Samantha said...

Your flowers are stunning! Thanks for visiting my blog :-)