Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Hot Chocolate Sort of Sunday

We woke up this morning to freezing rain and sleet. The car parked in the driveway was covered in ice, and our two flags out front were frozen stiff. Luckily it warmed a bit above freezing because my daughter and her boyfriend had to drive back this afternoon. (They made it safely.)

I finished the guild mystery quilt top yesterday afternoon and I guess I'm experiencing a bit of a let-down. Or let's call it a creative reevaluation. I'm too restless this afternoon to work on the posy quilt, although the un-sewing is coming along. I picked up a small quilt I have been hand quilting for a loooong time and worked on it for a bit.

Yesterday I went over to the LQS to have the owner (and fellow guild member) recheck my math for the yardage needed for the mystery quilt. I found out that she is testing the waters to see if anyone is interested in forming a Dear Jane group. Call me crazy, but it actually sounded interesting. I noticed that several bloggers have been working on Dear Jane blocks and I wondered how that was going. It would be a two year commitment; she is thinking of doing seven or eight blocks a month. Some of the piecing would be foundation, some hand-sewn, and some machine pieced. I'm very tempted.


Libby said...

There was a grouping of Dear Janes at the quilt show last week. They are just wonderful. I don't think I'm ready right now to take one on, but you never know what the future holds. Go for it *s*

meggie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, & leaving a comment!
Always nice to meet new people, & see new quilts!
I just love your two the blue shaded one, & the new beginnings-
Both lovely, & look to be beautifully made!

Shelina said...

Dear Jane blocks are fun to do, and you learn a lot by doing them. It is rewarding when you finish - since each and every one of them is its own masterpiece. There are just so many blocks to do. Since you are good at multitasking, I think these will fit right in into your regular quilting style.
And you can always quit early and make something smaller or in a different setting if you decide you aren't up to 169 blocks and however many triangles.
I think it would be fun to do in a group setting.