Tuesday, January 2, 2007

How Does My Garden Grow

My little garden of posies is growing. I've been working on them a little at a time and I've gotten beyond the half-way point. The diamonds you see are just waiting for me to chop off their ends for the last two blocks. I'm thinking that 24 blocks will complete the garden and leave me enough of the muslin to put a border around the whole thing. It will be just the right size for a crib quilt. I'll even have enough of the print fabric to fancy up the border if I want to use it.

I got my sewing room a little more organized. I invested in some of those plastic organizers with drawers and now have all my quilt patterns, templates, threads, needles, and other notions safely tucked away where I can actually find them again when I want them. I hope. I had no idea I had so many spools of thread! Or so many little doodads.

The fabric is all put away for the most part, meaning the stuff that will actually fit into the bins. As for the rest, it is neatly folded and stacked. I definitely need more output to empty out some of those bins.

I also took the plunge, and tried to sort through the numerous UFO's hiding here and there. Oh my! Some of them are stacked in a chair. The rest are in boxes and plastic bags. One is pinned to a flannel sheet rolled up on my bureau. Here is the sad count:

In the quilting frame: 1
Tops finished and ready for quilting: 7
Blocks all sewn, ready to put together: 4
Blocks still to be sewn (fabric cut, some blocks done): 4
Abandoned: 2

Seen in black and white, this is a little overwhelming. I am going to be very busy in 2007!

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