Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a small but wonderful Thanksgiving this year. My daughter was not able to come for dinner (she went to Michigan to her boyfriend's family dinner), but my son flew home. We hadn't seen him since July, so having him here for a few days was great. This year I only had to cook for the three of us, but my sister-in-law came in after dinner and we managed to have a pretty lively time of it.

The rest of the time I spent working on various projects, trying to get something DONE. My problem is that I have too many different projects all going on at the same time and I am beginning to feel that I am just spinning my wheels.

I did finish this little origami bag. A member of our guild gave us a demo on how to make them during our November meeting. Although it looks like some of the other origami bags I have seen in other people's blogs, it is not made the same way. All in all, I wouldn't recommend this method because it is a little complicated to sew, and from what I can tell, it comes out practically the same as the others. Still, I am proud of it and am currently using it for a mini-sewing bag since it is just big enough for a spool of thread, a tiny pincushion, a small pair of scissors, and a six-inch ruler.

I also worked on the log cabin blocks. They are not coming out the same size as the blocks I made at the retreat. GRRRR....I am still not mastering machine piecing and I am feeling pretty frustrated! Hand sewing, while more time consuming, gives me more control over what I sew. Oh well, I'll either have two really tiny log cabin quilts, or I'll figure out a way to combine the two sets as part of one quilt. Somehow.

When I went up to the fabric store after work to buy the cording for my little blue bag, I found this lucious material on the 50% off rack. The picture does not really do it justice. The colors are much richer, and the fabric is a nice weight. Now, what in the world will I do with this?


Forgetmenot said...

Hi Diana, I think machine piecing takes a lot of practice to get as accurate as hand piecing (not that my hand piecing is particularly accurate either...). Do you have a quarter inch marker on you machine? I use tape and am getting to be a bit better. I suppose the alternative is foundation piecing.

McIrish Annie said...

Diana, came across your blog in the midst of blog land... Took a look at your log cabins and I think I have just about every fabric in your block somewhere in my stash.LOL.

i used some of it to make a string quilt for a guild challenge. take a look at my blog when you have a chance. I think I posted the picture in June.

I tried hand piecing once but I need to see progress so moved on to machine piecing.

i know what you mean about marking quilts. I hate the pencils and have thought about the pounce. Let us know if you try it. I'd be interested in how it worked out.

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