Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hello, Out There!

I've been reading some of the quilting and crafting blogs for the past few months and I've decided to jump in. My quilts are usually pretty modest because I mainly hand-sew, so anything I do takes months, not hours or days. Having that long a lead time gives me a different perspective on things, kind of like hiking through a forest rather than driving through it.

But, I have so many ideas for new quilts, it's about time I pulled myself into the 20th century (never mind the 21st) and got going. At the rate I've been going, I'll be in my nineties before I get to the bottom of my stash. So, I'm beginning to teach myself how to piece on my trusty 1953 Featherweight and I'm trying to push myself to work a little faster.

As soon as I learn how to post photos I'll put up some of my work.


Diana said...

got it

bingo~bonnie said...

Diana, just wanted you to know that like a good book that you can't put down - I found your blog today from the "Sew'n Tell Quilt Guild's" blog links on the side bar. I have enjoyed reading and looking at your projects over the past few years and have now found myself at the very first post! :) Looks like we started blogging around the same time.