Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Soggy Wednesday

A dreary, wet November day. But, an easy day for me. The third grade went on a field trip and then this afternoon we had a "Stranger Danger" assembly for the whole school. I spent most of the afternoon getting caught up on grading papers and writing lesson plans for next week and the week after. Unbelievably, I am caught up!

I spent the evening finishing up the Christmas ornaments I am making for the guild meeting tomorrow night. I'll try to post some pictures if I can get my camera and computer to communicate. (Long pause while camera and computer negotiate truce.) There it is. I found these in Best-Selling Bazaar Patchwork by House which I won as a door prize at a guild meeting last year. When I saw the red and white material in the store I thought it would be perfect for these. I made extra yo-yo's and now I'm going to string them together into a garland.

The yo-yo'swent pretty fast, especially after I finally got it through my head that taking BIGGER stitches around the circle makes the center smaller. Taking smaller stitches draws too much fabric into the middle, making the middle circle too big.

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