Monday, October 18, 2010

Design Wall Monday::Sixes and Eights

Last week my daughter and her husband decided that they were tired of looking at the rotten old garden shed in the backyard of their new house.  Demolition time!  We drove up to help on Saturday.  Well, my husband helped.  I sat on the sidelines, wincing as huge pieces of the shed were hacked away and thrown into a  monstrous pile ready to be loaded into a dumpster sometime this week.  My contribution was a big roast chicken dinner for the happy warriors.

I did accomplish some sewing while they worked.  This is part of the Auntie's Pride block.  I bought the template set a few weeks ago.  There are going to be three more half-stars around the center star.  I love how this is coming together.  The block will finish at about 12 inches.  I can see it as a center medallion with lots of little LeMoyne stars around it.  I'm not terribly sure about my fabric choices, but I had cut some scraps to try out the templates and get an idea of how it was all going to fit together.

I also worked on another Seven Sisters block.  I would have kept going, but I ran out of cut pieces. 

I put together the first block by sewing everything around the the center star, which worked out okay, but this time I tried something different which I like a lot better.  I sewed the stars together in rows, then sewed the rows together.  A row of two stars, then a row of three, and another row of two, then a continuous seam to attach each row together.  Much easier and a lot less fiddly. 

I still can't see making a lot of these, but maybe a wall hanging?  I don't know yet.  I'm still just playing around, and these little hand sewing projects are soothing to work on here and there.

You can check out what others are working on this week by clicking on Judy L.'s blog Patchwork Times.  As always, a big thank you to Judy for hosting this each week. 


Chris said...

I love the Seven Sisters. I have always loved that pattern but never been brave enough to make one :)

Reenie said...

I have seven sisters and have always wanted to make a seven sisters quilt, but I just don't think i have it in me.

The Calico Cat said...

So... How do you roast a chicken & What did you serve with it?

Vicki said...

Love both patterns but hand sewing just doesn't agree with me anymore. I love you fabric choices!!

Lynn said...

Your chicken dinner was a perfect contribution to the clean-up activities. I love having a handwork project to work on. Yours are beautiful.