Friday, October 15, 2010

Glove Advice Sought. Apply within.


                                            {Insert sorry looking glove picture here.}                                       

My husband was out of town most of the week, and while he was away I tried to knit a glove.  I even took a picture of it, but I seem to be having camera issues, or maybe lighting issues since I waited so late to take the picture.  Anyway, the glove is bad enough without a freaky picture of it, so just use your imagination.

Gloves are quick, I'll say that. Just three inches down the cuff, a few rows for a thumb gusset, and then you're ready for the really interesting parts.  By which I mean the fingers.  Somehow you have to take a cylindrical shaped piece and create four more cylinders coming out of it by some mysterious process of picking up a few stitches and casting on more stitches and then going back at a later time and and picking up and casting on MORE stitches and so on until you have four cylindrical things sticking out of your hand.

When you really think about it, hands are rather oddly shaped, aren't they?

I've started glove #2 and I'm just about to get to the interesting part.  Wish me luck.

Seriously, if anyone knows of a book with nice clear illustrations of this mysterious process, drop me a life line, please.

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