Sunday, October 24, 2010

Want to go to a quilt show?

A really, really fantastic quilt show?  Right now?  In Australia?  Without leaving your house?

Linda C. at Quilts in the Barn organized a quilt show featuring quilts from the Secret Sewing Sisterhood group and it is super!  Ninety beautiful, intricate quilts were displayed.  The money raised is being donated to breast cancer research.

Now Linda is making the quilt show available on-line on her blog, a few at a time over a couple of weeks.  All she asks is that viewers worldwide donate something to breast cancer research organizations in their communities.  I'm sending mine to Susan G. Komen for the Cure

So, take a look at some amazing quilts and make a donation to help a cause that affects us all.

10-25-10 edit:  Linda, not Julie, was the organizer of this fabulous show!

1 comment:

Kathie said...

you mean LINDA !
its an incredible show!
I can't wait to see more