Friday, July 3, 2009

Yesterday I got tired of the mess in my sewing room. I can stand clutter, actually lots of clutter, but I guess I had reached my limit. One of the problems is that I have been working on several different projects, so I had lots of piles sitting everywhere, along with the inevitable debris that just builds up when I'm working.

I spent a couple of hours putting things back into some semblance of order. It's not ready for a photo shoot for HGTV, but at least I can find what I need without having to dig through all those piles.

So, while the mess is somewhat under control I thought I'd show what my sewing room looks like today.

My teeny tiny sewing table, cleared of thread clippings and pins. I would like to have a larger table because sewing large projects on this table is definitely a problem. I usually pull in a kitchen chair to drape things over if I need to. I found a little collapsible table at WalMart that I put to the side for some extra space.

The green thing under the foot pedal is a piece of rubber or plastic that I use to keep the pedal from sliding around on the floor. It's the same material that is sold as cabinet liners by the roll.

My childhood kitchen table is my cutting table. It's a great size, but unfortunately it's really too low. My husband is working on an idea for raising it a few inches. The legs slant out at a slight angle, so raising it with PVC piping didn't work.

As you can see I share my sewing space with lots of books. David Copperfield is there, along with Huckleberry Finn, Sherlock Holmes, Elizabeth Bennet, Hercule Poirot, and many others. They make good company when I am sewing.

One of the nice things about this room is the light. The windows face northwest; it's very pleasant to sit in there sewing in the afternoons.

I hope everyone has a great fourth of July!


Lynn said...

You've inspired me to clean up my sewing room. My sewing table is too low for cutting too. I have appropriated the kitchen island.

shanna said...

Looks great!

Deb Geyer said...

WOW! You couldn't ask for better sewing companions than Finn, Holmes, Bennet and others!!

Laura said...

It looks great! To raise the height of my cutting table I've got a finished board (I appropriated it from my parents house-I think it was an old counter top or lab bench) that I store standing up out of the way, and then pull it out and put it on top of my table when I need to cut. It's not perfect, but if does raise my cutting surface by a few inches.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!