Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Finish

I've taken advantage of the lower temperatures and humidity for the past couple of days to try to tame the weeds and the ivy in the flower beds. The ivy sprawls everywhere given half a chance and the weeds will hide out under the other things and then just suddenly pop up fully grown. It's kind of satisfying to yank out those ivy vines.

When we lost the two trees in the front yard we lost the benefit of their heavy shade; most of my beautiful shade plants are sunburned and ragged looking. I guess I'll have to be looking for some sun-loving perennials.

I actually finished binding the smallest quilt on my list. It's about 31 x 31 inches. As soon as I finished the binding I popped it into the wash and it came out all nicely puckery and squishy.

It's the largest thing I have machine quilted on the Bernina, and I'm still a beginner at this so we won't look too closely at the actual quilting, okay?

I made it using a package of charm squares and a bit of neutral from my stash. I still can't find the pattern; it looks like it might have been a casualty of my sewing room clean up a few weeks ago. If anyone knows, please let me know so I can credit the designer.

I'm down to the last four nine patches for the quilt along at crazy mom quilts. I have the fabric cut, but I ran out of time this afternoon, so I guess I'll take it up tomorrow. Right now I have to clean up and get going to my book club meeting.


Ali Honey said...

Congratulations on finishing! The quilting looks pretty good to me ( also a beginner quilter on the Bernina ) I made the mistake of tackling a quilt 86 by 76 inches and it was a huge struggle for me. I think in future I will only try and quilt smaller quilts myself. That will mean if I am making a large quilt I need to factor in the cost of havinf it professionally quilted.

paula, the quilter said...

Weeding is never-ending isn't it? My plan for the weekend is to get out i the early mornings and weed. I love the D9P.

Helen said...

I like this quilt. It is a great pattern for using those squares. Yummy fabric.