Sunday, April 26, 2009

Round Robin Finish and a Couple of Other Things

This past month was the final round for the guild round robin. Our big reveal was at the meeting this past Thursday. I just love what I got back! The picture is a little askew, but you can get the general idea. The colors are pretty accurate, at least. I'm always amazed at the creativity of my quilting friends. This has bumped itself up to the top of my hand quilting queue.

Since I'm taking a Blooming Ninepatch class next Saturday, I thought I'd better go ahead and buy the fabrics so I wouldn't have to worry about rushing out to the LQS after work. As if I needed to talk myself into a fabric shopping trip. Ahem. It took a little bit of time to pick out these beautiful fabrics, but I'm really pleased with what I got.

And last, I have planned to make one of these little fabric baskets from Pink Penguin's tutorial for months. This afternoon I had a couple of hours and I finally got it together. The directions were clear and the whole thing went together very easily. It's just the thing to hold seam rippers, stilettos, and clippers on my sewing table. It was so easy I think I may be making a few more as gifts for sewing friends.

I hope everyone has a great week!


Exuberant Color said...

that looks like a perfect group for Blooming 9 patch. That is one of my favorite quilts. I think I have done 3 of them.

Anne Ida said...

Your Round Robin is lovely! Your friends have done a wonderful job!

Love your little fabric basket! They are perfect for holding those little things. Never tried making one, but I received one as a gift from a dear friend, and I love it! I'm sure your friends would love it if you made some for them :o)

The result of your fabric shopping is lovely - look forward to seeing the result from the class ;o)

Shasta said...

It is a pretty quilt. The basket is great - love the colors on it - and your fabric selection also has great colors. I've made a basket, and you are right, they are so easy to make, that I too want to make more.

nicolette said...

Your happy coloured fabric basket is gorgeous! I’ve seen the tutorial and the basket is on one of my to-do lists...LOL!