Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snowed-in Saturday

And the snow is still coming down.

This was supposed to be the day we presented our team challenge at the Destination Imagination tournament, something we've been working toward since last November. (See this post from last year for details.) The foot of snow we've gotten has changed all that. The tournament has been postponed until next Saturday (Quilter's Day Out, unfortunately). I'm actually a little relieved because our team has missed so many practices due to bad weather and illnesses that we could use some more time to get ready.

The crawl of other canceled events across the TV this morning is like a window into the busy lives we live. Basketball games, pancake breakfasts, Special Olympics events, charity auctions, scholarship meetings...all of these have come to a dead stop, at least for a few hours.

Meanwhile, outside the snow continues to fall in big puffy flakes, and with it comes something rare in our suburban area. Silence. The plows have been by a couple of times but very few people are out on the roads this morning.

Later, of course, all that will change. We'll begin digging out the driveway. The four wheel drive boys will strut their stuff up and down the street. Life will return to normal.

But, just for this morning I'm enjoying the white stuff, the quiet, and the prospect of spending the afternoon finishing up this little quilt.


dot said...

what a cool quilt. I really like what you are doing.

Shelina said...

Being snowed in does have its advantages. What a beautiful quilt. It is absolutely gorgeous! A great pattern and wonderful fabric choices and workmanship.

Chris@Cats On My Quilts said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. A foot of snow is nothing to sneeze at. It's been a long winter here and I'll be glad to see it go away!

Ali Honey said...

Hello, I didn't realise you were back; good to see you again.

Love your big star, but I think you may keep the snow. I am sure the novelty wears off quickly.
Go and sew to your heart's delight!

Helen said...

That is a lovely quilt. The red works really well to zing up the cooler colours.

PAULE said...

Amazing quilt and lovely colors !
I've just discovered your blog and we have a few things in common. I'm about to begin a DJ, to order set H (I really love Kim McLean's quilt ) and I began a square pincushion yesterday !

Paule - Reunion Island