Monday, March 10, 2008


Traveling through blogland this weekend, I came across lots of posts about pin cushions. This got me thinking about mine, and I managed to round up most of the ones I've been using lately.

The poor tomato has long lost its strawberry. I have no idea how old this one is, but I have a feeling it's been around the block a few times. I think it turned up in a bag of fabric someone gave me a few years back.

The flower one is from a pattern from Quiltmaker magazine. I'm pretty sure I made it that year, so I've had it a good ten years. It's probably time to make another one. I've linked to the pattern in case anyone would like it.

The one in front is from a pattern I got at my LQS. It fits over your finger and it really comes in handy for hand-sewing. (You just have to be really careful not to stab yourself with pins or needles while you're wearing it!) I haven't seen it anywhere else, but it's really easy to make.

All the pictures of pincushions got me thinking, and I checked out some web sites with pincushion patterns.

These are my two new little ones. The round one is from a great tutorial on whip up. The square one is really the same thing, I just used a small four patch sewn to a plain square for the body.

It's really nice to have some fresh new ones. It's also really nice to have a project that can be finished in just a few minutes.

Believe it or not, our 12 inches of snow have all but disappeared with the 50 degree temperatures today. I think spring might actually be arriving here in southern Indiana.


mjjones said...

I am sooooooo enjoying your blog...please tell me where you found the pattern for the serendipity how it turned out. Thanks!

Mary Jo in Iowa

Shelina said...

Diana, I tagged you on my blog. I loved looking at your pincushions. I don't use them, but they are lovely to look at.