Saturday, December 9, 2006

Organized Chaos

While checking out some of my favorite quilting blogs I came across Mathea who talked about the challenges of organizing all the stuff that comes with quilting and crafting. I'm not brave enough to try to take pictures of my mess! Even though I have a spare bedroom to use as a sewing room, my projects are always spilling out into the living room, dining room, and anywhere else I happen to sit.

Last year I bought a bunch of semi-opaque plastic shoe boxes to use to store my fabric and put them on the shelves in my daughter's old bedroom. I also moved our old kitchen table in there to hold my cutting mat and other supplies. When I began to use the featherweight I moved it in there also, along with a smaller utility table and the ironing board. Her old bed serves as a fabric storage table/design board. You would think that a whole room would be sufficient for anyone, but no..... Projects keep inching their way downstairs to take up residence in the dining room (where the TV is) and the living room (where they get moved when I straighten up the dining room) and then the steps (where they sit, waiting to be moved upstairs again).

One of my goals for this year's Christmas break is to try to find a way to put things away so that I can find them again when I want them. So far, inspiration hasn't hit me as to how this can be accomplished!

Today we are heading up to Indianapolis to see the Gee's Bend Quilt exhibit at the museum of art. I am really looking forward to this, having read quite a bit about the quilts on the net. My husband is coming too, with the added incentive of a quick trip to Trader Joe's for some wine.

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