Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Break!

The Swedish star above is my favorite Christmas decoration. My husband gave it to me a couple of years ago after I mentioned seeing it in a catalog. Doesn't it look like a feathered star? Once this goes up, I really feel that Christmas is at hand.

My Christmas break starts this morning, which is why I am sitting here with my second cup of coffee instead of madly dashing out the door for school. My husband just left for work and I am sitting here contemplating what I am going to do today.

The first thing is pick up my son at the airport. He is flying in from Texas today for a nice long Christmas visit. We haven't seen him since Thanksgiving and that was only for the long weekend so we are all looking forward to having him around for a while.

Second, the house. We are back home with a newly refinished and workable (!) bathtub, so I need to get busy cleaning and decorating for Christmas.

Third, shopping. Groceries and, yes, Christmas presents. As usual for the past few years, we're not exactly sure how many will be coming to Christmas dinner here, but I've ordered a 16 pound turkey and we'll be ready for whoever shows up. With the Christmas presents I am at the point where I just need a few more things. Hopefully that can be accomplished with a trip through the mall and a couple of other stores close by.

I am furiously working on one last Christmas present which I will probably be able to finish tonight. After that it should be smooth sailing through the weekend. My daughter and her boyfriend arrive on Friday night, and we'll all be together for the holiday. That is MY best and favorite Christmas present!

Since this is supposed to be a quilting blog I thought I'd add at least one quilty thing this morning. When I returned to Hancock's for the binding material for the little Christmas mat I made for my secret Santa pal, I saw these beady eyes staring at me from the fabric racks. Could I resist? I could not. The opposite side of the panel is cats with the same quizzical eyes. Wallhanging? Table mat? Pillow? Who knows? My sister-in-law gave me a book about sashiko quilting last year, and I thought...well, you know how THAT goes. I'll find a home for it somewhere!


McIrish Annie said...

sounds like you have everything in hand. I love the owls and Shishiko quilting on it would be perfect!!

May Britt said...

The star is beautiful. Every first sunday in advent we hang our star in the window and let it shine towards christmas.

Hedgehog said...

Love the star and the owls! Have a lovely holiday!