Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What I'm Working on Wednesday

I love blue and white quilts. Maybe it's about the crispness of the blue next to the white, or maybe it's because blue is my favorite color. I began collecting indigo fat quarters a couple of years ago with the thought that someday I would make one myself, not really thinking about the pattern that I would use. Then one afternoon while I was looking through some old magazines I found this beautiful old pattern. (Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, July/August 2001). They call it Chinese Box, but I've also seen it called Lost Ships. Either way, it is a joy to piece by hand.

As you can see I've accumulated quite a stack of them. I'm up to about 20 now, and I figure I'll need 27 whole blocks and 6 half blocks to make a decent sized bed quilt. One of the really nice things about this pattern is that it gives cutting directions for the half blocks, instead of having to slice a whole block in half diagonally.

I just keep cutting squares and triangles and putting them aside for when I want to do some hand work. No rush, no guilt. I'll finish it when I finish it.

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jacquie said...

i love blue and white too. so crisp and fresh.