Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ocean Scarf

I made this scarf last month. Entrelac is something I'd wanted to try for a long time. Many, many years ago I saw a news report from Russia about something or other, and one of the people they interviewed was wearing an entrelac sweater. I was totally facinated by that sweater.

When I first went into the LYS the owner was featuring a scarf like this and offering a class. Unfortunately I couldn't ever find the time to attend. Then, this past November the owner Annie saw me admiring her scarf for the thousandth time and suggested I just give it a try. I went ahead and bought the yarn--another color actually, and I got started. It took a couple of tries before I "got" the pattern. I found a couple of websites with pretty good basic directions. It's not that hard, once you catch on.

I was happily knitting away with a beautiful colorway of oranges, coppers, rusts, and jades for contrast when I realized why I had chosen it. It had reminded me of a blouse my sister had back in high school. How I loved that blouse! The thing was, those colors look absolutely right on her and probably just okay on me. Well, here it was November and here I was knitting a scarf that I knew would look fabulous on her, so I went ahead and finished it up and gave it to her.

After Christmas I went back to the LYS and found this colorway called Ocean. (Hers was called Autumn.) This second one knit up just as quickly.

The yarn (I used Plymouth Boku) has long, long color runs and the colors blend one into the next very smoothly. It's almost the perfect yarn to use with this pattern.

The pattern is available here.


Connie W said...

It is beautiful and caught my eye the moment I logged on to your blog. I am a wannabe knitter and am learning the basics at this time. Seeing myself being able to knit things like this seems like a lifetime away but perhaps. I can't wait to pay my first visit to a knit shop that's in my area so I can check out all the goodies and see about classes. One of my quilting peeps is a knitter and has been helping me thus far.

pinsandthimbles said...

This is so beautiful! I love your choice of colours.

paula, the quilter said...

Thanks for the link to the pattern. Are long color runs recommended for entrelac? This is something I've been wanting to try, but only after I've perfected a short row heel *grin*.