Sunday, April 1, 2007


Thank you for all the comments on my last post. Many of you were curious to know how the marble under the backing worked. I couldn't actually find a marble--I used a golf ball instead. It worked great, except for close to the edges, where it pushed the material up too far. As I crawled around on the floor I was thinking that the perfect size would be a glass eyeball, but I didn't have one of those either. Ewww, on second thought, not!

It just goes to show what a different household this is without kids around. Ten years ago I could have found any number of suitable sized objects just by raiding the top bureau drawers of either of my kids. There they kept all the little stuff that kids seem to accumulate--wiffle balls, lego pieces, Happy Meal toys, and other kid junk.

Actually, even a small spool would have worked--just something to push up the material enough to be able to get the needle through all three layers of the quilt without it pushing through and scratching the floor. It's definitely worth trying.

I am not showing off the quilt just yet because it is the mystery quilt for my guild and there is just a chance that someone may see it. I'll wait until we have our big reveal sometime this summer.

We had a lovely weekend here, a perfect ending for spring break. My daughter and her boyfriend came down to run yet another race. She is training for a marathon and she uses these weekend races as training runs. We're not sure just where her athletic ability came from; neither one of us has the slightest athletic ability. Running makes her happy, though. And that makes me happy, too.


ruth said...

Thanks for the tip about the marble, spool. Maybe it'll help me stop sewing the backing to the carpet.

Libby said...

Isn't fun to find a helpful tip that works? Thanks for sharing it *s*

Finn said...

Hi Diana, what a great tip, I can see where that would work as slick as can be and save the floor.
Love the one you just got borders on. So hard sometimes to go back and finish those up, isn't it? I know I have several just waiting for borders and/or backings.
I'm so glad you are going to make that 4 patch variation larger. It really is a pretty quilt top and looks wonderful done in scraps. Hugs, Finn

Rose Marie said...

Thanks for letting us know about the golf ball tip ... I'll have to give it a try and see which way I prefer to do my basting!
Thanks for stopping by.

Mir said...

Hey, it wasn't junk! It was priceless treasure. Seriously. :-P

I'm glad you're supportive of the crazy running habit. I have read stories of people whose families are all like, "Your uterus will fall out!" and other such nonsense. I have always been grateful for the support. :-)

Shelina said...

Thanks for the tip Diana. I hadn't thought about putting something underneath a quilt like that. I always worried about scratching about my hardwood floors, but I thought it was worth the sacrifice!