Sunday, November 21, 2010

Crazy, Beautiful Trees

So, here are some of the tree blocks I received in our sewing group exchange last weekend. (The color of the red background fabric is truer in the first photo. It's what I would call tomato red.)

Some are free-pieced, a la Gwen Marston, some are paper pieced and some are appliqued. I just love them. When I add my four blocks I'll have 24, just enough for a very vibrant couch throw.

Edited to add: I got to the bottom of the problem with posting pictures from my computer. Blogger has added a new post editor, which I had somehow clicked on. In the new editor, when I clicked on the "add image" button it didn't give me the option of adding a picture from my computer. I clicked back on the older editor and the problem seems to be solved.


nicolette said...

All the blocks are adorable in it’s own way!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

These are spectacular! Eager to see finished product!

Miriam said...

Love those trees!!!

Glad you solved the blogger problem.

Ali Honey said...

Those tres are all delightful.

I had the same problem with adding images some months ago. It seemed to resolve itself.