Thursday, April 22, 2010

Somehow, April Just Happened

It's been a very busy month here, and sewing has had to take a back seat for several weeks.  I thought I'd try to get caught up with a bullet post. 

* Beginning next year, I will have a new job.

* I've been assigned to the middle school.

* Not my first choice.

* I have taught in elementary school since the dawn of time.

* I like teaching elementary, especially the primary level.

* It could be worse.  That's been my mantra.  It could be worse.

* Lots of teachers (all over the country, not just in my little corner of the world) are losing their jobs, due to big cuts in education budgets because of the economy.  If you know a teacher, especially a young one, give him or her a hug because things are really tense right now.

* It could be WAY worse.

* April is an extremely busy month at school.  Annual conferences for parents of special education students.  Retention conferences.  Final preparations for statewide testing next week.  After school tutoring.  Projects to finish.  More assessments to administer.  All this in addition to the regular schedule, which is pretty busy to begin with. I am definitely ready for May.

* My daughter ran in the Boston Marathon over the weekend.  My husband and I flew up to Boston to help cheer her on. I say help cheer her on because the people of Boston do a darn good job of cheering on the marathon runners all by themselves.  But, it's the Boston Marathon; we couldn't pass that up.

* She was running around 80 miles a week to prepare.  Anyone that dedicated deserves to have her own personal cheering section.  If you happened to be in Newton, Massachusetts last Monday, my husband was the one standing on the lawn chair trying to get a picture of her coming down the street.  I was the one yelling at the top of my lungs, standing next to him. I think we may have been doing a little dance, too, but that may be just in my head.

* He didn't get the picture because she whizzed by too fast. 

* We had a great time hanging out with family that lives in the Boston area.  We also had a great time eating at the wonderful restaurants in Boston. 

* Cannoli at Mike's Pastry?  The best. Simply the best.

* Sewing?  Maybe this weekend. 


Laurie said...

Chin up about the job.. you still have one... I know of many new teachers here in NZ that can not get them due to cut backs etc no new jobs are coming up... people who have one are holding on fast to it... My daughter is an O R Nurse...has been for 15 yrs and is going to retrain as a teacher in January, sometimes this worries me a bit.
How great to fly and support your daughter in the marathon...well done to her. May be time for some sewing will come along.

Lynn said...

Good luck at the middle school. Middle school kids can be wonderful to work with.

nicolette said...

How wonderful your daughter took part in the Boston Marathon and you flew over to see her!

We don’t have a middle school, the elementary and middle school are one and are called basic education (basisschool).
I hope you will become a happy camper at middle school, I’m sure you will!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Think of it as a new challenge, it may be the best thing that ever happened to you!! Tracey