Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

We are having a beautiful Memorial Day weekend here. The weather is warm and hazy here in southern Indiana, but it rained in Indianapolis (the capital) where they are trying to run the Indianapolis 500. The race is supposed to resume in about 20 minutes, so I'm posting quickly here.

Libby provided a link to explain what Memorial Day is all about if you're not familiar with it. Usually volunteer groups decorate the graves of U.S. service people. These pictures are from a veteran's cemetery near here. It is a beautiful, restful spot located in an old residential neighborhood. There are graves from the civil war, Spanish American war, World War I and II, Korea and Vietnam.

Visiting the veteran's cemetery this morning got me thinking about a small cemetery that I often pass on the way to the grocery store. It is located on a small hill next to a strip mall. Long ago this was probably a quiet spot on someone's farm land, but now cars whiz by all day long. Some of the grave stones have been overturned, but this one still stands erect in the center.

She was only twenty-six, but evidently much loved. I think the picture is clickable if you want to see the details of the carving.

Over the years people began using Memorial Day to decorate the graves of loved ones, not just veterans. This little cemetery is not decorated, but the grass has been cut recently. Maybe someone from a nearby church is watching out for these old graves.

Thank you for all the kind comments on my last post. I was a little er, giddy, shall we say, after getting the room all packed up for the summer. I've been making more posies while watching the race. The little quilt keeps growing and growing.

I hope everyone has a restful weekend!


Connie said...

I'm also from Southern Indiana. We had rain with strong winds this afternoon although we weren't home at the time. We found our patio umbrella had been lifted out of the table and the table overturned and it's a very heavy table.
Thanks for the really nice post about Memorial Day.

Libby said...

When you see the rows and rows of white stones it really does bring it all home.

Zabilda - what a fantastic name *s*

meggie said...

I love old cemetaries. I love the peace & the old stones. I was shocked to find the cemetary where our grandparents were buried is alive with rabbits, undermining everything!

Molly said...

Nice post about memorial day. It used to be about old guys. Now it's also about young kids who get assigned to duty in Iraq, and never come home, except in a box. I read a remark on someone's blog recently [memory fails on whose] to the effect that "there is nothing civil about war." They were talking about the civil war. War in any shape or form stinks.