Monday, August 23, 2010

What do you do when you don't sew?  Shop.  Online, that is, since I certainly haven't had time to make it out to a quilt shop.  In my last post I talked about the nosegay block that those of us in my sewing group had been admiring.  We couldn't figure out how to make the kite shape for the "handle" of the bouquet.  I went ahead and ordered the plastic template from Marti Michell and it arrived in today's mail.  I don't know when I'll ever get to this, but at least I can cut the pieces when I finally have some time.

I was in a bit of a fog this weekend, trying to recover from my first full week of school and catching up on things I let slide during the week.  By late Saturday afternoon I needed something I could do that wouldn't require too much in the way of brain power.  I had been admiring the Willow Cowl (Ravelry link) and since it just needs one ball of sock yarn, which I just happened to have lying around, I fired up some movies on Netflix and started knitting.

I worked on it a bit on Sunday, too.  Round and round knitting; all you have to do is keep track of is the number of rows in a simple pattern.  Just what the doctor ordered for de-stressing after a long and tiring week.

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