Saturday, March 20, 2010

Celebrate Quilting!

I'm still buzzed from our Quilter's Day Out celebration. 

We had hoped for a big turnout, and we got one.  More than 200 people came to sew, to see our demonstrations, to chat, and to have a good time with quilting friends.

I did get pictures, as you can see, but at the last minute I got a little worried about someone not appreciating having their photo suddenly show up on the internet, so I'm just posting shots of our guild's quilt display.  I had to wait until late in the day when the crowd had thinned out a bit to even get these.

I hope that you can see the wide variety of quilts and quilting styles we have in our little guild.  A group of very energetic ladies set up the quilt display racks and got the hall ready yesterday so that we worker bees could arrive this morning just minutes before the doors opened and take our assigned places at the registration table, the goody bag handout, and the guild information table.

It takes a lot of planning and organization to make something like this happen.  As I left this afternoon, this year's planners were already talking about NEXT year!

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jacquie said...

those racks are a great idea. i need to remember those! great quilts too!