Monday, December 7, 2009

Design Wall Monday

Design floor, that is. By the time I got home this afternoon about 4:30 it was too dark to take pictures in my sewing room, so I laid these out on the living room floor.

It's been slow going with these blocks. They are very fiddly to sew, although I'm getting better with them the more I do. I have been working on them during my Friday night sewing group, but I wasn't getting much done. Yesterday I decided I'd better devote some more time to them or this project will take, oh I don't know, roughly forever.

I've got ten done, or at least to the finished star stage, and I've prepped enough diamonds for two more. At first I was only going to make 12. Then I liked them so much I decided to go for 15. After playing around in EQ this morning I've got a layout that I like that will use 18.

They are very soothing to sew, once you understand how to line up the diamonds. And yes, I'm a big-time pinner, even with hand sewing. I get the centers lined up, then make sure the intersections at each end are lined up correctly. In the end, its quicker to do that than to sew and maybe have to rip back. There are so many bias edges in these that I avoid ripping if I can.

We were awakened this morning at 5:15 by a telephone call. My husband answered it since the phone is on his side of the bed. He sat there so long listening and nodding (and looking very serious) that I thought something awful must have happened, but it was only the new automated calling system to let us know that we had a two hour delay this morning!

We got the famous southern Indiana "winter mix," which is snow, freezing rain, and sleet. Not a fun thing to drive through before dawn. By the time I left for school it had quit and the snow quickly melted off. But, they are forecasting a winter storm for tomorrow. It looks like I'll have plenty of time to sew some more stars.

Edited to add: Sorry! I forgot to link you back to Judy L.'s Patchwork Times. You can check out what others have on their design wall this week by clicking on the link.


Gail said...

Wow, what patience you must have. The blocks look wonderful, I'd be pinning a lot, too.

Kare said...

Your stars are really pretty. They are well worth fussing over.
Here's hoping you get a "weather day" soon!

Judy Laquidara said...

Those stars are beautiful and they look so pretty on your wood floor!

Myra said...

Great blocks! Awesome job! Looks great! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Gari said...

Your blocks are beautiful. I have only made one block where the diamonds meet in the center and it was terrible. But your blocks look so good, I may have to try it again.

Rose Marie said...

Your star quilt is going to be gorgeous and I pin lots and lots, too.

That BOM would be hard to resist as there is just so much going or it and your Boston Commons is beautiful!

karenfae said...

LOL I have a design floor too! after I move furniture out of the way - I really must get one of those portable walls.

June Calender said...

When there's a really nice square like these the quilt is apt to grow -- at least for me and, it seems, for you too. If you love it, why not? It's going to be gorgeous.

I lived with only a design floor for a long time. Now that I"m retired and in a bigger apartment I have a design wall but I resort to the floor often. Sometimes it's just easier.