Saturday, September 5, 2009

Been Knitting

As you can see, there's been some sock knitting going on around here. I've been working on these four pairs (plus another pair which didn't make it into the photo session) since the weather turned warmer last spring. There isn't much rush to finish woolen socks when the temperature is hovering in the high 80's.

I don't suffer from second sock syndrome, but I do put off doing the Kitchener stitch until there is no alternative, such as needing the last two needles holding the final stitches on one sock to start a new sock. As a result, I seem to have acquired multiple sets of size 1 knitting needles. The Kitchener isn't hard, but neither is vacuuming the living room* or cleaning out the refrigerator. They are all just chores I procrastinate on for as long as possible.

You can also see that I love self-striping yarns. When I start out to buy sock yarn I tell myself to get something plain so that I can try one of the beautiful lacy patterns I see all over the internet and in knitting magazines, but then I see all those lovely colors twined together into one skein and my resolve vanishes. You just never know how the colors are going to play out, and that makes the knitting a lot of fun.

*About vacuuming the living room? Let's just ignore the dusty floor there in the picture. I'll get around to it sometime today. Right after I Kitchener the pastel sock, 'kay?


Nancy said...

Love your socks!

I use a lot of self-striping yarn because it allows me to make simple socks look complex. While I like to look at the lacy socks, I don't find them very practical, so I make simple rib-cuffed socks. I am working on pair #4 now, and I have at least four more pair to complete my gift list. It is going to be a homemade Christmas this year, using mostly stash yarn.

Happy Knitting :o)

Ali Honey said...

Your socks look great. I always think it is such a shame that the feet wear out long before the tops.

tami said...

'Kay. I'll do mine then too.
Your socks are great. I like the self striping yarn too.

Chris@Cats On My Quilts said...

Dust? What dust? I don't see any dust. I don't see any in my house either!

MamaT said...

I love your 9 patch. It's such a fun pattern and one of my favorites from way back.